Flakpoint Development of VjoHanaba Tool

VjoHanaba tool finds best contractors for your project based on the machine learning algorithm and natural language recognition functionality. Just write down what you need to be done and it will pick suitable candidates.

VjoHanaba tool Functionality

Easy Task Management

Focus on your objectives and let the machine do its work. Just fill in three fields: task description, objectives, and deadline. The rest is upon us.

Work Progress Tracking

Keep track of your progress on task by task basis and get analytics on the progress of the whole project.

Team Building

Build a perfect team of freelancers that have common traits and a previous history of successfully working together.

Better Control

Get full control over the project. The deliverables and everything involved with the project itself.

Where to Apply

A lot of times we rely on creative serendipity, hoping that things will work out. Back of napkin, seat of pants type planning. This type of approach doesn't give confidence to you and it often makes you worry.

We have our app to use both approaches: creative and logical. Not only creative, but also structuring part that puts lots of information about very technical processes. As we put this together, we've taught our app how to to get your job done. And get through many different creative challenges.

With VjoHanaba tool you can just formalize that process, and feel more confident. This will also lead to better relations inside your team.


Dylan Smith
VjoHanaba tool makes organizational work far more easier and allows me focus on product instead of managing contractors and freelancers.

John Goldberg
Managing Partner
The VjoHanaba app makes progress visible not only to me but also for other team members involved in the process. It delivers that kind of big picture I’ve waited for.

Our Contacts

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